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Hangzhou Giant Lift Co., Ltd.

Hangzhou Giant Lift Co., Ltd. is famous China Hydraulic and Auto maintenance tools Manufacturers, located near the gorgeous tourist destination West Lake --- Hangzhou, a city of "innovation, vitality, collaboration and tolerance”...We are engaged in manufacturing and selling industrial lifting, material handling products, hydraulic tools building construction tools and power construction tools. Our history begins at 1999 as a sales department and after decades of development our businesses have expended to more than 50 countries on five continents. On 2019 we started our independent operation and reformed as Giant Lift Co., Ltd. for better business development.

20 Years Experience

As one of the leading OEM Hydraulic and Auto maintenance tools factory, we have a complete company system, including Product development department, Quality control department, sourcing department, sales department (More than 20 years of experience) and finance department. We focused on manufacturing material handling product such as lift tables, manual & electric pallet trucks and lifting platforms over 35 years, we also exporting manual & electric chain hoist, lever hoisting, lifting clamp and steel jack. Based on our customer needs our products also expends to areas like Auto maintenance tools and power construction tools, playground parts and custom plastic parts. We are your ideal choice for one stop purchase with our compete line of industrial lifting/moving equipment. Our products can meet the needs of customers and the local market, be able to provide standardized and customized products. Our professional sales team understand the industry standards of different products in different markets, we can help customers review whether the products meet local standards and provide professional testing services.

Honor certificate

The company is a scientific and technological enterprise integrating design, research and development, and production. It has a number of inventions and practical patents.

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Industry knowledge extension

Here is more relevant industry knowledge about Hydraulic and Auto maintenance tools

Hydraulic tools and auto maintenance tools are essential for ensuring that machinery and vehicles are in good working condition. Here are some examples of these tools:
Hydraulic Tools:
Hydraulic Jack: Used to lift heavy objects, such as cars or machinery, by using hydraulic pressure to raise the jack's piston.
Hydraulic Press: Used to compress or shape materials by applying hydraulic pressure.
Hydraulic Cylinder: Used to create mechanical force in a linear motion by converting hydraulic energy into mechanical energy.
Hydraulic Hose: Used to transfer fluid from one location to another in a hydraulic system.
Hydraulic Power Unit: Used to provide the energy needed to operate hydraulic machinery.

Auto Maintenance Tools:
Socket Wrench Set: Used to tighten or loosen bolts and nuts on vehicles.
Oil Filter Wrench: Used to remove and install oil filters in cars and trucks.
Spark Plug Wrench: Used to remove and install spark plugs in vehicles.
Torque Wrench: Used to measure the amount of torque applied to a fastener, such as a bolt or nut, to ensure that it is tightened to the correct specification.
Brake Bleeder Kit: Used to bleed the air out of a vehicle's brake system to ensure proper braking performance.
These are just a few examples of the many hydraulic and auto maintenance tools available. Each tool serves a specific purpose in maintaining and repairing vehicles and machinery.
Hydraulic and automotive maintenance tools have many applications in various industries and settings. Here are some examples:
Automotive repair: Hydraulic jacks, lifts, and hoists are commonly used in auto repair shops to lift and support vehicles for maintenance and repair work. Other tools like impact wrenches, socket sets, and torque wrenches are used for tightening bolts and nuts, removing and installing parts, and adjusting vehicle components.
Construction: Hydraulic tools such as cranes, excavators, and backhoes are essential in construction sites for moving heavy materials, digging and shaping the ground, and lifting and positioning large structures.
Manufacturing: Hydraulic presses are commonly used in manufacturing facilities to shape and form metals, plastics, and other materials into various products. Other hydraulic tools like pumps, cylinders, and valves are used to control fluid flow and pressure in machinery.
Agriculture: Hydraulic tools are used extensively in farming operations, including tractors, plows, harvesters, and sprayers. These tools help farmers to cultivate crops, harvest them, and prepare the land for planting.
Mining: In mining operations, hydraulic tools are used for drilling, digging, and moving large volumes of soil and rock. Hydraulic excavators, loaders, and bulldozers are commonly used in open-pit mining operations.
Aviation: Aircraft maintenance involves the use of hydraulic and automotive tools for repairing and servicing airplanes. Hydraulic jacks, lifts, and hoists are used to lift and support airplanes for maintenance and repair work. Other tools like wrenches, pliers, and sockets are used for removing and installing parts.
Marine: Boats and ships use hydraulic tools for steering, propulsion, and anchoring. Hydraulic pumps, motors, and cylinders are used to control the movement of various components on board.
In summary, hydraulic and automotive maintenance tools have a wide range of applications in many different industries, from automotive repair to mining, construction, agriculture, aviation, and marine industries. These tools are essential for maintaining and repairing machinery and vehicles, and for performing tasks that require the use of high pressure and fluid power.