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Since 1999

Hangzhou Giant Lift Co., Ltd.

Hangzhou Giant Lift Co., Ltd. is famous China Hydraulic Cylinders Manufacturers, located near the gorgeous tourist destination West Lake --- Hangzhou, a city of "innovation, vitality, collaboration and tolerance”...We are engaged in manufacturing and selling industrial lifting, material handling products, hydraulic tools building construction tools and power construction tools. Our history begins at 1999 as a sales department and after decades of development our businesses have expended to more than 50 countries on five continents. On 2019 we started our independent operation and reformed as Giant Lift Co., Ltd. for better business development.

20 Years Experience

As one of the leading OEM Hydraulic Cylinders factory, we have a complete company system, including Product development department, Quality control department, sourcing department, sales department (More than 20 years of experience) and finance department. We focused on manufacturing material handling product such as lift tables, manual & electric pallet trucks and lifting platforms over 35 years, we also exporting manual & electric chain hoist, lever hoisting, lifting clamp and steel jack. Based on our customer needs our products also expends to areas like Auto maintenance tools and power construction tools, playground parts and custom plastic parts. We are your ideal choice for one stop purchase with our compete line of industrial lifting/moving equipment. Our products can meet the needs of customers and the local market, be able to provide standardized and customized products. Our professional sales team understand the industry standards of different products in different markets, we can help customers review whether the products meet local standards and provide professional testing services.

Honor certificate

The company is a scientific and technological enterprise integrating design, research and development, and production. It has a number of inventions and practical patents.

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    Chain hoist
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  • Electric hoist HHBD
    Electric hoist HHBD
  • Electric winch KDJ
    Electric winch KDJ
  • Electric winch
    Electric winch

Industry knowledge extension

Here is more relevant industry knowledge about Hydraulic Cylinders

Hydraulic cylinders are mechanical actuators that use hydraulic fluid under pressure to generate linear force and motion. They are used in a wide range of applications, including industrial machinery, construction equipment, and automotive systems.
A hydraulic cylinder consists of a cylinder barrel, a piston and piston rod, a gland and rod seal, and a mounting or attachment point. The cylinder barrel houses the piston and hydraulic fluid, and the piston is connected to a piston rod that extends from the cylinder. The gland and rod seal prevent fluid from leaking out of the cylinder, and the mounting or attachment point connects the cylinder to other components or structures.
When hydraulic fluid is forced into the cylinder on one side of the piston, it creates pressure that pushes the piston and piston rod in the opposite direction, generating force and motion. The force generated by a hydraulic cylinder depends on the size of the piston, the pressure of the hydraulic fluid, and the length of the piston rod.
Hydraulic cylinders are used in a wide range of applications, including heavy equipment and machinery, such as excavators, bulldozers, and cranes, as well as in automotive systems, such as brakes and suspension systems. When working with hydraulic cylinders, it is important to follow proper safety procedures, such as wearing appropriate protective gear, using the cylinder only as intended, and ensuring that the hydraulic fluid is properly maintained and within the recommended specifications. Improper use of hydraulic cylinders can result in serious injury or damage to the cylinder or surrounding equipment.
The advantages of hydraulic cylinders:
Hydraulic cylinders offer several advantages over other types of actuators or mechanical devices used for power transmission. Here are some advantages of hydraulic cylinders:
High force output: Hydraulic cylinders can generate high amounts of force, making them suitable for heavy-duty applications. They can exert much greater force than similar-sized pneumatic or electric actuators.
Precision control: Hydraulic cylinders can be precisely controlled to provide accurate movement and positioning. This makes them suitable for applications where precision is critical, such as in manufacturing processes.
Smooth operation: Hydraulic cylinders provide smooth and consistent operation, with minimal vibration or noise. This makes them suitable for applications that require smooth and controlled motion, such as in heavy machinery.
High reliability: Hydraulic cylinders are known for their high reliability and long lifespan. They are designed to withstand high loads and harsh operating conditions.
Compact size: Hydraulic cylinders can generate high force output in a compact size, making them suitable for applications where space is limited.
Versatility: Hydraulic cylinders can be used in a wide range of applications, including in agriculture, construction, manufacturing, and transportation.
Easy maintenance: Hydraulic cylinders are relatively easy to maintain, with simple components that can be easily replaced or repaired.