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Hangzhou Giant Lift Co., Ltd.

Hangzhou Giant Lift Co., Ltd. is famous China Scissor Lifting Platform Manufacturers, located near the gorgeous tourist destination West Lake --- Hangzhou, a city of "innovation, vitality, collaboration and tolerance”...We are engaged in manufacturing and selling industrial lifting, material handling products, hydraulic tools building construction tools and power construction tools. Our history begins at 1999 as a sales department and after decades of development our businesses have expended to more than 50 countries on five continents. On 2019 we started our independent operation and reformed as Giant Lift Co., Ltd. for better business development.

20 Years Experience

As one of the leading OEM Scissor Lifting Platform factory, we have a complete company system, including Product development department, Quality control department, sourcing department, sales department (More than 20 years of experience) and finance department. We focused on manufacturing material handling product such as lift tables, manual & electric pallet trucks and lifting platforms over 35 years, we also exporting manual & electric chain hoist, lever hoisting, lifting clamp and steel jack. Based on our customer needs our products also expends to areas like Auto maintenance tools and power construction tools, playground parts and custom plastic parts. We are your ideal choice for one stop purchase with our compete line of industrial lifting/moving equipment. Our products can meet the needs of customers and the local market, be able to provide standardized and customized products. Our professional sales team understand the industry standards of different products in different markets, we can help customers review whether the products meet local standards and provide professional testing services.

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The company is a scientific and technological enterprise integrating design, research and development, and production. It has a number of inventions and practical patents.

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Industry knowledge extension

Here is more relevant industry knowledge about Scissor Lifting Platform

What is Scissor Lifting Platform?
A scissor lifting platform, also known as a scissor lift or a table lift, is a type of elevated platform that can move vertically. It consists of a platform or table that is supported by a series of crisscrossed metal supports, resembling a scissor mechanism, that can extend and retract.
Scissor lifts are powered by hydraulic, electric or pneumatic systems, and are commonly used in various industries for accessing high areas such as for maintenance, construction or installation work. They come in various sizes, ranging from small platforms that can be easily maneuvered through doorways, to larger models that can accommodate multiple workers and equipment.
Scissor lifts offer a safer alternative to ladders or scaffolding as they provide a stable and level platform for working at height. They can also be equipped with various safety features, such as guardrails, emergency stop buttons, and overload protection, to ensure worker safety.
History of Scissor Lifting Platform:
The history of scissor lifts dates back to the early 20th century when they were first used as a tool to help workers access high places safely. The original design was simple, with a series of crossed metal supports that could be raised and lowered by a hydraulic system.
One of the earliest known patents for a scissor lift was filed by American inventor Charles Larson in 1947. Larson's design featured a platform that could be lifted up and down by a hydraulic system, and it was primarily used for industrial purposes.
Over the years, scissor lifts have been improved and refined to meet the needs of different industries. In the 1960s, for example, scissor lifts became popular in the aerospace industry, where they were used to help workers access high places on airplanes and rockets.
The 1980s saw a major increase in the use of scissor lifts in the construction industry, where they became an essential tool for building and maintenance work. Scissor lifts also became more versatile, with the introduction of different sizes and types, including electric and pneumatic models.
Today, scissor lifts are used in a wide range of industries, including manufacturing, warehousing, logistics, and entertainment. They continue to be an important tool for accessing high places safely and efficiently.
Advantages of Scissor Lifting Platform:
Scissor lifting platforms offer several advantages over other methods of accessing high places. Here are some of the key benefits:
Increased safety: Scissor lifts provide a stable and level platform for workers, reducing the risk of falls and other accidents. They can also be equipped with various safety features such as guardrails, emergency stop buttons, and overload protection.
Improved efficiency: Scissor lifts can be raised and lowered quickly and easily, allowing workers to access high places more efficiently. This can help to reduce downtime and increase productivity.
Versatility: Scissor lifts come in a range of sizes and types, allowing them to be used in a variety of settings and industries. They can be used indoors or outdoors, and can be used on uneven surfaces.
Accessibility: Scissor lifts can help workers access high places that would otherwise be difficult or impossible to reach using ladders or scaffolding. This can help to improve the quality and safety of work.
Cost-effective: Compared to other methods of accessing high places, such as scaffolding or cherry pickers, scissor lifts are often more cost-effective, especially for shorter-term projects. They also require less time and manpower to set up and operate.
Overall, scissor lifts are a versatile and efficient tool for accessing high places safely and efficiently, making them an important asset for a wide range of industries."