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Hangzhou Giant Lift Co., Ltd.

Hangzhou Giant Lift Co., Ltd. is famous China Electric Order Picker Manufacturers, located near the gorgeous tourist destination West Lake --- Hangzhou, a city of "innovation, vitality, collaboration and tolerance”...We are engaged in manufacturing and selling industrial lifting, material handling products, hydraulic tools building construction tools and power construction tools. Our history begins at 1999 as a sales department and after decades of development our businesses have expended to more than 50 countries on five continents. On 2019 we started our independent operation and reformed as Giant Lift Co., Ltd. for better business development.

20 Years Experience

As one of the leading OEM Electric Order Picker factory, we have a complete company system, including Product development department, Quality control department, sourcing department, sales department (More than 20 years of experience) and finance department. We focused on manufacturing material handling product such as lift tables, manual & electric pallet trucks and lifting platforms over 35 years, we also exporting manual & electric chain hoist, lever hoisting, lifting clamp and steel jack. Based on our customer needs our products also expends to areas like Auto maintenance tools and power construction tools, playground parts and custom plastic parts. We are your ideal choice for one stop purchase with our compete line of industrial lifting/moving equipment. Our products can meet the needs of customers and the local market, be able to provide standardized and customized products. Our professional sales team understand the industry standards of different products in different markets, we can help customers review whether the products meet local standards and provide professional testing services.

Honor certificate

The company is a scientific and technological enterprise integrating design, research and development, and production. It has a number of inventions and practical patents.

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What is Electric Order Picker:
An electric order picker is a type of aerial work platform designed for use in warehouse and distribution centers to help workers pick and move items from storage to packing or shipping areas. It is a type of material handling equipment used to retrieve and transport items stored at high levels.
Electric order pickers typically feature a vertical mast with a platform that can be raised and lowered to reach different levels of shelving. The operator stands on the platform and controls the movement of the order picker using a control panel.
Unlike traditional forklifts, electric order pickers are designed specifically for picking orders and are not meant for transporting heavy loads over long distances. They are more maneuverable than forklifts and can operate in narrow aisles and tight spaces, making them ideal for use in warehouses and distribution centers where space is limited.
Electric order pickers are powered by batteries and are environmentally friendly, producing zero emissions during use. They also offer cost savings over time as they require less maintenance compared to other types of material handling equipment.
Overall, electric order pickers provide a safe, efficient, and cost-effective solution for order picking in warehouses and distribution centers.
Advantages of Electric Order Picker:
There are several advantages to using electric order pickers in a warehouse or distribution center. Here are some of the key advantages:
Increased Efficiency: Electric order pickers are designed to increase efficiency in a warehouse or distribution center. They allow operators to easily and quickly access items stored at different heights, reducing the time and effort required for order picking and inventory management.
Improved Safety: Electric order pickers are equipped with safety features such as non-slip platforms, guardrails, and emergency stop buttons, making them safer for operators to use at high elevations. This reduces the risk of accidents and injuries in the workplace.
Maneuverability: Electric order pickers are designed to be more maneuverable than traditional forklifts. They can operate in narrow aisles and tight spaces, making them ideal for use in warehouses and distribution centers where space is limited.
Environmentally Friendly: Electric order pickers are powered by batteries and produce zero emissions during use. This makes them an environmentally friendly option compared to gas or diesel-powered material handling equipment.
Cost Savings: Electric order pickers are generally less expensive to operate and maintain than traditional forklifts. They require less maintenance, and the cost of electricity is generally lower than the cost of fuel for gas or diesel-powered equipment.
Quiet Operation: Electric order pickers are much quieter than gas or diesel-powered equipment, making them suitable for use in noise-sensitive environments such as residential areas.
Overall, electric order pickers offer several advantages over traditional forklifts in terms of efficiency, safety, maneuverability, environmental impact, cost savings, and quiet operation. These advantages make them an ideal choice for use in warehouse and distribution centers.
Application of Electric Order Picker:
Electric order pickers are widely used in warehouse and distribution centers for various applications. Some of the common applications of electric order pickers include:
Order picking: Electric order pickers are primarily used for picking orders from high shelving levels. They allow operators to move vertically and horizontally to access items stored at different levels, making order picking more efficient and accurate.
Inventory management: Electric order pickers are used to manage inventory by retrieving and organizing items in a warehouse or distribution center.
Restocking: Electric order pickers are used to restock shelves by retrieving items from storage areas and placing them on the appropriate shelves.
Maintenance and repairs: Electric order pickers can be used for maintenance and repairs, such as changing light bulbs or conducting inspections at high levels.
Cleaning: Electric order pickers are used for cleaning tasks, such as changing filters or cleaning high surfaces.
Packaging and shipping: Electric order pickers are used to move items to packing and shipping areas, where they are prepared for shipment.
Overall, electric order pickers are an essential tool for efficient and accurate order picking, inventory management, and warehouse maintenance tasks. Their versatility and maneuverability make them an ideal choice for use in various applications in warehouse and distribution centers."